About Me

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet where I chat about living with type one diabetes.

The basics: My name is Tilly, I’m 27, and I live in Leamington Spa.

The diabasics: I use the Dexcom G6 Mobile and I pump Fiasp in my Ypsopump.

I was diagnosed with type one a little later in life at the age of 24. Did you know that type one can be diagnosed at any age! It is actually now as prevalent in adults as it is in children. Sadly, most HCPs don’t know this, which often leads to very late diagnoses for adults like myself. Have a read of my diagnosis story if you fancy learning more about my personal experience.

I started as part of the Dexcom Tribe, but no longer have this role as I now work at Dexcom. All views posted here are my own personal views.

Thanks for stopping by!